Step 1: Get Connected
BoydPips Telegram
BoydPips Facebook
HFX Swipes Channel
Step 2: Basics of Trading
Trading HFX 101

Trading 101 E-book

Setting Up Your Demo Account
📲 How To Use HFX Swipes
Understanding Binary Brokers
💴 Funding Your Broker
⏳ Cash Trap Tutorial
Cash Trap Guide
Step 3: GoLive Sessions
1️⃣ Go to

2️⃣ Login

3️⃣ Scroll down to ‘Pick A Channel’

4️⃣ Click ‘HFX Go Live’

5️⃣ Choose educator desired

6️⃣ Watch session at time given
Step 4: 2 & FREE
2 & FREE Membership
PS3 System - A Simple Way To Share IM
  • P Pique Interest: Be the Trailer, Not the Movie
  • S Share Information: Video Presentation/Live Presentation/LiveWebinar
  • 3 Three Way Close: EdifySponsor/ShareYourWhy/MissionStatement/Testimony
Scripts to use with prospects:

Website to share with prospects:
Step 5: Business Building
Business Building
The Invite To Trading
Chairman Tracker Release
🛠 Building IM & 2 and FREE
📱 Social Media To Build Your Business
🏃🏻‍♂️ Fast Success In Network Marketing
😱 Cold Market Prospecting
👥 How To Get Your Team To Enroll New Customers
📝 Placing Enrollments In IM mastery academy™
💵 IM Detailed Compensation Breakdown
IM PowerPoint
Step 6: Events
Morning Motivation
Monday - Friday

10 am EST

HFX Trader Training
Monday - Friday

1 pm EST and 10 am PST

IM Academy Overview Webinar

3 pm EST and 8 pm EST

Passcode: 202020
Business Building Training

4 pm EST

IM mastery academy™ 72 Fast Start Training


12:00 pm EST

Chairman Mentorship Call
Sunday's 4 pm EST

Wednesday 10 pm EST